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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Franklin & His Friends

Awarded 52. carnival parade groups:

1. Lego city from Mala vas
2. Turtles Frančki, Bukovci Vopošnica
3. Turks in Slovenia and attack on Ptujska Gora from Kulturno turistično društvo Soviče Dravci
4. Miki Mouses from Stojnci Siget
5. Juršinci Grapes
6. Music box puppets, Stojnci
7. Cirkus gimnazius Ptuj
8. Kostevski devils
9. Rabbits and carrots from Spuhlja
10. Borovje Devil


The Turtles – so happy together. :)

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  1. Tnx, Shaun. Not sharp enough, but I just had to share the lovely family. They were so sweet! :)