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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1, 2, 3 – How Old Are We?

Counting the spots to see how old they are? Stop.

Different ladybugs have different numbers of spots and the spots are with them all their life. They don't get more spots as they get older, nor do they lose spots. But if you're interested in their age: the spots do fade as they get older. :)

Pikapolonica (2011 © Suzie Blue Photography)
Information found at http://www.ladybuglady.com/.


  1. Still surreal to me... Love this photo!

  2. En France, les coccinelles sont appelées Bêtes à Bon Dieu et sont des porte-bonheur.
    Très belle composition.


  3. Nice Colorkey effect and good composition.

  4. Hi Suzie. Thank you for your kind comments on my photos. I checked your beautiful shots . This particular one surprised me.